About Us

MJ Utah Connection Aluminum Statue & More LLC offers a wide selection of aluminum statues.  Our statues are made and built from the finest quality cast aluminum. It goes through a curing process after it comes out of the mold which allows the statues to retain a high degree of durability and last a lifetime. It is lightweight and can be moved around the space with great ease. We use extra layers of paint before the final touch of bronze which makes the paint on the statue last longer and withstand all sorts of weather conditions.

Each piece of our statuary is designed with great skill to bring out the minute detail of the shape and curves. Our selection of statues comes in different sizes, from miniature to life-size. We do custom-painted statues as well as bronze finish paint. We can also make the customer’s choice of color. We have life-size statues that are perfect for outdoor decorations,  residential yards, recreational parks, tourist attractions, or any facility that requires a beautiful centerpiece, as well as small statues that will look great in any part of your home.

On top of the high-quality statues, we offer excellent customer service.  Being the owner of the company, I always let our customers know we are always there for them.  We keep in touch with our customers.  Many times when our customers call and tell us they have had an accident on their statue, we replace it, we do not fix it.  And our customers love this.

We ship all over the country.  We work with different shipping companies and get the best shipping quote for you.

Our permanent showroom for our aluminum statues is located at 2824 Highway 260, Heber, Overgaard, Arizona.

We also have a gift shop for western decorations and ornaments.   Please come visit us and enjoy the experience.