Family of Deer in Natural Color (Set B) Aluminum Garden Statues


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“This life-like Family of Deer is made and built from the finest quality of cast aluminum.  It goes through a curing process after it comes out of the mold which makes the statue retain a high degree of durability and last a lifetime.  The statues are lightweight and can be move with ease. The statues are durable and can be used indoors or outdoors.

All of our statues are designed with great skill to bring out the minute detail of the shape and curves of the metal.

These statues are custom painted with a special finishing touch which makes the paint on the statue last longer and withstand all sorts of weather conditions. There are ears on the feet where you put a rebar to secure it to the ground. ”

Dimensions are: L x W x H

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1 review for Family of Deer in Natural Color (Set B) Aluminum Garden Statues

  1. stevejc12345

    Ok. I have looked at buying these statues for awhile. I have a bare spot in my garden that I wanted to dress up. I finally decided to purchase the deer statues. The office was so nice and patient. I was not exactly sure what I wanted. All my questions were answered. Finally, I got a buck, a standing doe. A laying doe. A standing fawn and a laying fawn.

    They look amazing. I have the buck in front the does a bit behind and a fawn next to each doe. The statues look so realistic I have them near a walkway in my garden. Since they are aluminum they are not heavy to move. They do have tabs at their feet to drive a stake thru.

    The delivery went well. Lots of communication with the office and driver. The drivers were pleasant and waited while the statues were inspected for damage. There was none.

    I have not had these statues long but everyone who came to my place these last few days commented on the gorgeous statues. They turned a bland spot into a focal spot.

    These statues are not cheap but I have spent lots of money on plants that died. And spent money on gardeners to trim and weed the plants that did not die. With these statues I have a year round focal point in my garden that won’t cost any upkeep.

    • Aluminum Sculptures

      Thank you for the great review! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we are happy to hear we hit the mark for you.

      We really appreciate your time in sharing your thoughts about your shopping experience with us. We look forward doing business with you again in the future!

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